A Message from Pastor Caleb… urgent prayer request

Dear Friends,

I urge you to stand with us in prayer, am sure u are aware of the ongoing violence against Christians in Various districts of Orissa a Hindu pre-dominant state. The reason for the sudden escalation of violence is a Hindu priest was killed by the Maoists for which Christians were made scapegoats by the Hindu activist groups who were already angered at the growing rate of conversion found this incident to falsely turn it against Christians, as a result Christians have been victims of violence instigated by two major Hindu groups by VHP and RSS. They have destroyed 600 churches, killed more than 25 people, 4000 people are hiding in the jungle out of fear for being killed with no water, food or shelter, and thousands are living in relief camps. A nun was gang-raped and murdered, another one was burnt alive. Pastor’s throat was slit he bled to death. Two pastors were killed last week. A handicapped person who couldn’t run was burnt alive right before his brother’s eyes who was helpless by an angry mob. Thousands of houses have been destroyed.

We want guys on your knees crying for these dear ones and martyrs of the gospel. We don even feel like eating when we hear the news of our brethren under such great persecution.

There are endless stories of brutally Christians being tortured for their faith, it’s a reality right here in India a so-called democratic secular front. Am also suggesting some links which give an update of day to day incidents.

If you guys would feel led to support the victims , please let me know I know pastors and missionary organizations whom we can channelize it through. Above all pray that God of Elijah would intervene supernaturally and protect his children.

God bless

Pastor Caleb , India

Background information on Orrisan violence on the church

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    From Bishop M. Prakash

    Churches, mission buildings and schools throughout the state have been damaged or destroyed in the attacks. At present, it is difficult to give you the exact statics about the loses for the Church and Christian community. But our missionary Bro.Sunil reported that there were 600 churches burnt or demolished, 5000 Christian Homes were burnt and demolished, 30 thousand people were in the jungle without food and water for more than 4 days, about 200 Pastors and Christians were killed crucially. 4500 children from many orphan homes and villages were in the forest for many days.

    For the thousands of persecuted brothers and Sisters in Orissa,
    Bishop. Dr. M. Prakash

  2. pothumuthu.m Says:

    Praise the lord pastor,i m muthu from virudhunagar(TN),one of my brother M.Pothumuthu(M.COM,M.Phil-28years old-unmarried)is having kidney problem,we are taking treatment also,but in my all family members are believing jesus only,i dont have father,he expired 18years before,i saw your website,it was vey nice,please pray for my brother pothumuthu should get recover from his kidney problem very soon,i am believeing god jesus only,if any mistake found in my mail,forgive me pastor,please pray for my bro.thanks for reading this mail.
    yours obediently

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