Update on Orissa, Karnataka & TamilNadu (Violence Against Christians)

Greetings once again to all in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Just wanted to update you guys on whats happening in India, i hope you guys are aware of it, if not please read Pastor Caleb’s post. Churches are standing together conducting mass processions, rallies and fasting prayers and are raising support in every way to help those who are being brutally tortured for their faith. Please take time to look into these links and the power point presentation to understand in detail and pray more effectively for the affected.

Nun was gang raped and priest brutally assaulted in Kandhamal

Victim of anti-Christian mob describes experiences

Sister Nirmala’s appeal to Orissa Chief Minister

Hindu extremists damage 600 churches in Orrisa
4000 Christians forced to flee, one nun burnt alive

NCM submits its report on Karnataka violence to PMO

Attacks on churches spread to Tamil Nadu

7 churches vandalized in Karnataka

Kandhmal: Christians unwilling to return home

Orissa Agony

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