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Maduranthakam 2007


2005 crusade
This is the fourth year in a row where Andrew has been called back to preach in a key Kanchipuram District. This year the crusade will be held at Maduranthakam, which is an important town having a population of around a 1 Million spread over 320 villages. The town has a Christian population of 10,000, 90 Churches and about 600 temples. The literacy rate is not as high as what we have seen at Kalpakkam last year. We will be ministering to a very diverse population. Coming out of the conference directly into the crusade should also be very key in encouraging participation from pastors with whom we have been building relationship. click here to read more...

Pray for multiple miracles to take place and consider making a donation earmarked for this, as many more people come when we can hire busses to go into out of the way villages to bring them. Last year we had more than 5000 on the final night. We brought people in from far away and God made a wonderful difference in hearts, lives of the gathering.

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