Starting off the efforts for next year’s conference

I am hearing some good ideas while at the Gnomedex conference.

We are going to start the efforts earlier for next year, as we are now all very happy we had such a great trip in 2008.
So I created this ChipIn tool for the site:

Yes, we are targeting $30,000 for next year. This will pay for 800 pastors to attend a 2 day conference, plus help make our festival highly impactful. This is not the total we will raise, but simply the smaller donations we are targeting to come through the site. Up til now, we have just collected in the thousands from a small circle consisting mostly of my own money. Fundraising has seemed to be too big a hurdle, but I have a new optimism about the possibilities of many smaller contributions bearing the bulk of the load.

We’ll build this into the site and get things organized for next year.

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  1. pandu maddala(fulltime gospel minister) Says:

    Respected and lovingly brother in Christ, Greets to you in Jesus name . I send my sincere salutations and gratitude to you through the king of king Jesus. I hope and pray that this letter will find you and yours good physical and growing ever stronger spiritually as you study the god s world . Since this is my first opportunity to get acquaintance with the children of our lord.
    I talking liberty introduce myself my name is M. Pandu and 30 years old married with merry yet no children . I was born in Hindu family and Andhra Pradesh, but I accepted Jesus Christ as my personal savior and I came to Agra, north India as a evangelist and full time Gospel preacher. I dedicated my life to serve for Christ through out of my life at un reached areas.
    Five friends and I dedicated our lives to serve for Christ until our deaths because most of people should not know about the “Gospel of Jesus Christ”.
    We are working at Agra and Utter Pradesh state, north India.
    Agra is in the state of Utter Pradesh, this is the largest populated state of India sending highest number of the representatives of the people to the “legislative” house [parliament] of the country. Most of the prime minister are elected from this state; here the famous Taj Mahal attracts millions of tourists every year from all over the World. This state has 13 million population, 630 cities and 8100 villages. It is the birthplace of the most of the gods of India. This state has many sacred rivers and temples, kasi Varanasi is considered as the second heaven people come and stay here in die……….. in many ways this has become a great center of this country and this state has the greatest number of the lowest class people and all are people are worshiping idols, all are pagans and gentles because we are doing service for Christ, please pray for us and god’s work here.
    This is the persecuted area, people are ready to kill us sometimes 2nd jan 2007, we went a village, to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ but beated us and captured all of our things like bible, books and tracks.
    We are happy to hear that you are so kind to encourage to the lord’s work in north India through your kind love with sacrifice.
    heare at agra number of orphan children are begging in public placess thatswhy we plan to start an orphenage home for orphan children and slum children please pray for that request .we would like to work with you and your ministry.
    So, kindly we are requesting to you and all of our friends in Christ, please pray for us and pray for God’s work here.
    Always we need your prayer support to us to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
    Heartily welcome to you please visit us and share the word of god with north India, Agra people.
    We hope to receive you and work with us at Agra.
    Please send email to us.

    Thanking you sir
    Brother in Christ
    Pandu maddala

  2. davidraju.k Says:

    Dear sir greetings in Jesus Name
    Our genuine ministry in all the important activities are as follows Evangelism Ministry in Rural areas, Slum areas among the tribal destitude people sickly people in Hospitals, among street people, among the orphanage Hostels, in Bus Shatters, in busy high ways, and by way’s. The Ministry of gospel has been spreading by giving tracts, preaching, personal contact by good counseling, having good gathering in all the areas in fruitful ways. Many people were saved in wonderful way of salvation messages and pioneer evangelistic work. The activities are going on well for the glory of our Lord and winning of many souls at Christ feet

    Intensive care of street children in Govt. Juvenile Homes, special homes & observation homes as we approaching to visit the destitude children and conducting the moral teachings to change their criminal attitude by giving stories, to play same entertainment’s singing by melodious with instruments. This type of ministry is attracting the children at Jesus feet.
    We have been conducting the religious conferences among students among women’s among youth as public on important days and national holiday’s. All the activities are going on rapidly progress to be winning of many precious souls at Christ feet. We need the cooperation, and sincerely prayers to be successfully of this Ministry and fruitful way in days to come.
    Closing with love greetings
    Pastor K.David Raju
    Cuddapah-District,A.p,South india

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