Uttiramerur Thanks Giving Service - Tears of Joy

We had an amazing thanksgiving service at Pastor Joel church (Chengulpet), all most all the pastors from uttiramerur fellowship gathered together and it was good day. We sang some songs, prayed together and had time for testimonies. what you are about to read is no story but real testimonies.

Pastor Henry Lawrence, a well respected senior servant of God who has been at utiramerur for a long time and has a church at the entrance of the township said, history will speak aloud of the revival meeting coz no one comes to conduct meetings at uttiramerur it was always the rejected place. He also added that posters of meetings conducted in neighbouring taluks will be pasted here but not for meetings at uttiramerur coz there was none. We were longing for a breakthrough he said and God not only used CGI Ministries as a bridge for the breakthrough but also to create history.

Pastor Arokiasamy who leads the fellowship, senior servant of God said for 3 years he had been praying for all pastors and churches to come together under one roof to worship and exalt the Living King and God heard his prayer and made it happen. He said lots of Hindus came for the meeting, got saved and now are coming to his church. He is personally motivated and is greatly blessed by this meeting.

Pastor Bright who had been ministering in uttiramerur for the past 13 years said never has all the churches come together for a meeting like this and never has there been a crowd above 1000 people. The whole town stood in awe on how many Christians gathered together. The town has seen a crowd like this for a political meeting but not for a Christian meeting. He went on to say neither Christian believers knew the amount of back up the pastors can have. Sick people from his church were healed and his believers were blessed. Casteism was broken that day coz people from all different groups and caste were sitting together, many relationships were healed. His church is fired up and wants more meetings like these to happen and wants more vibrant worship.

Pastor Gerald said his church is blessed with more new believers. His believers were touched to see foreigners mingle with them eat with them and love them. Worship in his church has been different after the meetings.

Pastor Ebby Rajan said his church is spiritually renewed and many backslidden Christians recommitted their life and are now fervently coming to church. They are all fired up and ready to light the revival fire all around uttiramerur.

Brother Jayakumar who was a of such great help from the beginning said this revival meeting was a gateway to bring all pastors and ministers together. He also said that day the Presence of God was so strong an awesome that it was like little heaven on earth.

We completed the meeting by honouring the pastors and giving them a small gift as a token of our appreciation. Tears of joy flowed as we hugged and prayed for one another. In the end we had a good time of fellowship and food.

I want to end by saying we make a difference where ever we go and we create history coz the HISTORY MAKER HIMSELF is with us. Please pray for us and join us as we together extend the Kingdom of God and bless the district of kanchipuram. God Bless You.

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    All I can say is how honored I am to be a part of what God is doing there in these neglected areas where so many great pastors labor in obscurity. They are the real heroes, and I can speak for all of us at CGI by saying we will be honored again simply to be enabled to serve them further.

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