WOW…WOW…Our God is an Awesome God

2008 we created history. Uttiramerur meeting saw unexpected turn out and the whole town was in awe of how churches got together in unity and love to celebrate and pray for their taluk. Its still the talk of the town. Pastors and local leaders are calling in to report miracles and great change in peoples lives and even in their own fellowship. We faced many hurdles and confusions but in the end God prevailed and His Name was Magnified that day. We are expecting major break throughs and more pastors to join the local fellowship and be a blessing to the district.
There was such liberation and freedom as we sang, danced and worshiped God. God used andrew powerfully to challenge his people to look to HIM alone and come out of shame as He will make their faces radiant coz there is no shame in Christ. Its revolutionary as about 55 people gave their lives to christ and we laid hands on the sick and prayed and GoD delivered them. The only person who was ashamed that day was the already defeated satan and his crew. People didnt wanna leave after lunch even thou it was late coz they wanted more songs and worship so we had some games, songs and did a small skit and finished the day in style. This is history guys…………………..

This year was different in many ways and one was having the conference after the revival meeting. We were really anxious as the day arrived coz we had about 800 registrations but funds for only 500 people. We did call and send letters asking poeple not to come but you know in india people do turn up. But God ways are always perfect and just that we had only 500 turn up that tuesday afternoon. The three days were powerful and life changing. Worship was radical, alive and the sermons were straight forward and sharp. Everything went on perfect with out any confusion or disturbance. Many pastors are calling us saying THE OVERCOMING CHURCH CONFERENCE has changed the way they thought of church and ministry. ONE BODY, ONE VOICE, ONE CHURCH was our cry, dedication and prayer. Pastors call in to say they that the statement “CHURCH IS GODS PROJECT” has opened their eyes, to reconciliation and unity. Pastors are already calling in to book their seats for next year conference. Like i said before wow… wow… God Is Great, He Does Miracles Too Great, There Is No One Else Like HIM. There IS No One Else Like Him.

We Thank God for his grace and mercy to serve him and bless the district of kanchipuram, thank you all for your prayers and your support. Please continue to pray for us and the dstrict of kanchipuram and do join us next year as we proclaim and claim more taluks in the district of kanchipuram. Thank you and bless you all.

I leave you with some pictures of the revival meeting and the conference. will update you more in the weeks to come……..

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    I love the pictures Joshua!

    Your report really puts this all together for me as I am telling the story here in the US.

  2. Summer Says:

    Good pics and good report! Great to hear how God used the effort there to bear fruit for His kingdom.

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