No Lone Rangers in the Church!

I am excited to see how the messages for this year are coming together. I have been initially inspired by the theme, “The Overcoming Church” for the conference, and it all stems from the idea that God’s project is the church. Too often, our project is ourselves. Our agenda. Our promotion. Our blessing.

In studying through this, I discovered/re-discovered that in each of the three places where teaching on the gifts are found: Rom 12, 1 Cor 12, and Eph 4, that high emphasis is first placed on One faith, One Spirit, One Body, exhorting us toward humility, submission and service. Imagine if the church could come together, knowing that we represent one another, with a determination to be the readied Bride Christ is returning for.

Thanks for your prayers as we move forward towards next weeks meetings. Please click the headline in the email and read Josh’s posts from Friday. There you will find prayer points, logistics updates, and most interestingly, great new picture galleries.


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