Surprising Boost in Conference Registrations

We are pleasantly amazed at how the conference registrations are coming in this year.

We figured we would only have 350-400 in attendance this year, since last year we had to reduce our conference from two days down to one. So to be safe, we budgeted for 500 people and figured we could be content to slowly rebuild attendance over a couple of years. Turning people away last year was a sad event that had some pastors critical about returning.

So this year, on Sunday I learned that to our surprise we got 500 registrations mailed in from pastors and their wives wanting to attend! We figured we had a full house.. great news, end of story, happy days. Then last night, we discovered we got 250 more registrations bringing it up to 750! Wow God. Looks like we’ll have to turn people away as we can’t ask the cooks to stretch out the food supply.

Please pray for us and help out if you can. Our cost for each attendee is $25 for a two-night stay and 6 meals provided as well as a conference packet. It is a bit of an emergency, not that we are drowning, but just that we need to know quickly whether we should expand our capacity quickly or limit who can come. In India, limiting who can come is trickier than in the States, as many of our pastors come from small villages and have little to no phone service.

If you want to help, the easiest way to do a small amount is to do it on this form or by Paypal.

Doing it through the church is not possible this time, as this years event has been self-funded up to this point, and nothing official through the church has been set up for donations.

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    [...] Please pray and consider helping financially according to my last post, as our attendance is likely exceeding capacity. We are turning pastors away who keep calling. Who knows who will show up without calling. [...]

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