Andrew & Katherine Arrive at Madras Airport

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    It was a decent trip this time. For the first time since I can remember, I slept for almost the entire 4 hours of the last leg from Singapore to Chennai. Not being known for skipping a meal, this was quite a feat for me.

    We are just about over our jetlag, and are headed over to preach in Chengulpet for pastor Joel and Selvie in(in picture) who came out to meet us at the airport.

  2. Dorcas Mason Says:

    Hello, Andrew and Katherine,

    Just want you to know that Ed and I are praying for your health, protection and a great anointing of the Holy Spirit to acomplish the will of our Father while you are in India. May you feel His presence with you as He shows you how to acomplish His perfect will in every situation.

    “Oh Jesus, give them Your mind and the anointing that breaks every yoke! Confirm Your word with signs and wonders that Your name might be lifted high and that Your kingdom might be strengthened and Your people blessed with an understanding of Your strategy at this time for India.

    Bring many, many new sons and daughters into Your family and may the family of God extend Your love, Your deliverence, and Your wisdom to help them be established strong in the faith.

    Use Andrew and Katherine as your messengers bringing the life and power of Your Spirit and of the word of God to the people of India.

    Love you,
    Dorcas and Ed Mason

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