Quick Update….

Hi everyone, how is it going? We are excited and ready for this years outpour of God’s awesome & powerful presence. If u would have read Andrews post yes,this year instead of the crusades its going to be a one-day Revival Meeting and this will be on the 26th of this month. We are expecting about 1000 to 1500 people, its going to be an all day event featuring music, preaching, food, praying for the sick, games and competitions. We have secured a venue for this day and all the preparations have been done. Pastors fellowship meetings have been conducted and all the pastors are not only working hard for this meeting but have also made it a point to meeting together everyday and pray. Please pray for good weather, healing, protection, favour, salvation and peace that surpasses all understanding to rule and reign the hearts that come that day.

29,30,31 are the dates set for the conference, we are almost done with the promotional work and we already have 350 registrations as of today, and our target is 500. Overcoming Church is this years theme and we are going to have a 2 days of powerful worship, practical and live teachings, last but not the least fellowship with one another. Please pray for all the preparations that are underway and pray that God would minister to his servants, ignite the passion and fire as they rest in his presence during these 3 days. My hearts desire and prayer is that when our pastor leave this conference they would leave Purpose Driven.

We thank and appreciate everyone who has been of help in every way. God Bless you. Please check the site and continue to keep in touch with us..

I leave you with some pictures of the pastors meetings and fellowships…. Blessings.

Uttiramerur Core Group

Uttiramerur Pastors Fellowship

chengulpet Pastors Fellowship

Brochure and Fliers

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    This new way of posting images is great. Glad you guys pulled it from the work we did on cellecast and SSS sites

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