Leaving Portland now… Journey to India begins

Although we have not updated all of you in a while, the plans for India’s ministry have been forging ahead according to schedule. I am meeting Katherine in LA tomorrow, and we fly out of LAX late Tuesday night. This year it has been hard to switch gears to have India and the meetings on my mind. Now that I am sitting in the airport however, and after a great weekend where I got great encouragement at church, I am confident this years ministry will be stellar.

No longer do I have a sense that this is a big juggle, which has been my biggest concern over the last few months. The privilege of preaching in new territory and speaking to district leaders deserves high devotion from me. This ongoing opportunity to serve and lead in Kanchipuram is a high honor which I do not take lightly.

This year is definitely different. No big team. No big prep. No big crusade. First time for my wife to be with me in 4 years. First time she’ll be speaking with me. New church behind me. No financial assistance. Great prayer warriors remembering us daily. Instead of a crusade, we are doing a one-day, all day event in Uteriamerur featuring a different style of evangelism. Food, music, preaching and extended prayer are on the agenda. We’ll have more info about it soon. Please pray for a visitation of the intimacy of the Lord in this meeting.

The theme for this year at the conference is going to be the overcoming church. In short, we are the bride of Christ. How does a bride prepare for her marriage? What kind of spiritual, emotional and phyical health does the bridegroom desire His bride to possess? If there is strife, second guessing, infidelity in the bride’s character, does this not break the bridegroom’s heart?

We will be gathering together about 500 pastors and their wives for a 2 day retreat to explore these ideas and renew our devotion as pastors of the bride, to expel all strife, self-serving and beggerly spirits in our midst. This is now my passion for this trip, as I know I am directed to preach along these lines.

Thanks one and all for your help in prayer and support. Please check the site and pray through past years archives so you can intercede for us in this years bridge building. I appreciate each and every one of you.

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  1. Darrell Benton Says:

    We will be meeting on Wednesday for our BWAP small group. We will share about your trip and keep you in prayer.

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