Uttiramerur Taluk is the top choice on our short list this year

Each year, our team in India prays for the best location for our crusade. As you can see on our map, each year we are moving southward through the district, with a goal to reach places that are outside the usual large meeting circuit, and can use a distinct word that will set lasting change in motion for a particular community, and bring leaders together throughout the district to work with one another.

Although I still believe a big year ahead will have us move closer to the largest populations near Chennai, Uttiramerur, sitting further south still is a place hungry for change and hopeful that what took place in nearby Madhuranthagam last year can happen for them as well.

As this is my first newsletter this year, I want to pose this location to all those who know me here in the States as well as overseas to pray and help us confirm this years strategy. You may not know all the details, but I trust God to speak through you who call upon Him. Please read through the stats below and visit the blog to see how it flows with prior years as you pray. Whatever God has for us this year, I am trusting His favor and growing friendships to bolster my efforts as I know I can do nothing alone.

Uttiramerur Taluk

1. Panchayat Villages : 73
2. Taluk Villages : 262
3. Theatres : 2
4. Liquor Shops : 3
5. Polytechnic : 1
6. ITI : 1
7. Higher Secondary School : 1 (girls)
8. Higher Secondary school : 2 (boys)
9. Private English schools : 5
10. Banks : 6
11. Treasury : 1
12. B.D.O Office : 1
13. Police Station : 1
14. Hindu Bible college : 1(people from all walks of life
Come here to learn)
15. Taluk Office (Village Office) : 1
16. Irrigational Lake : 2
17. Town Population : 35000
18. Total Taluk Population : 380000
19. Catholic Churches : 4
20. Protestant Churches : 12
21. Hindu Temples : 9 (big ones) some 1500 years old

Uttiramerur Taluk Spiritual Activities
During Full moon and No moon days people from all over the district gather here in the temples all night and do pooja’s, walk on fire, offer sacrifices, temple prostitution, fortune telling, black magic, witchcraft, some pierce themselves with spears, pull carts with hooks on their back and lot more crazy stuff. Lot of RSS, BJP followers and party members live this taluk.

The pastors and local leaders are willing to work together in extending the Kingdom of God and breaking through here in Jesus Name.

Thank you for your help here.

BTW, the tentative schedule, subject to meetings this week, is to have the crusade on July 18th - 20th, and to have the conference afterwards (change) on July 29th - 31st.

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