Ready to Make history

Greetings, as you all are aware by now that our focus for 2008 is on Uttiramerur. Before we start, here is a ball park view about the place. Uttiramerur is one of the key taluks in Kanchipuram district, has a population of around a 380000 spread over 262 villages. The taluk has a Christian population of 2500, 40 Churches and about 550 temples. The literacy rate is lower than what we have seen at Maduranthakam last year. It is an historical place rulled by the pallava kings from the 4th - 9th century. We will be ministering to a very diverse population and our prayer is that God will open up the heavens and pour out his blessings over this town.

The Preparation starts!

We (Team India) did meet with the key leaders of this taluk on the 4th of this month. We had a good time praying together and seeking the heart of God for the upcoming crusades. They are a awesome group of pastors in union with each other and are very happy to support us in what ever way they can to make this crusade happen and are all the more excited to proclaim the matchless name of Jesus Christ duirng these times. We are making history by having the crusade here coz it has been 7 years since anything like this has happened. It is a very strong place spiritually, but we have a God who is the strongest of all, so we all are very excited and are looking forward for the awesoem three days in july. Ps. Arokiasamy who heads the uttiramerur pastors fellowship is such an humble and prayerful man who has been here (uttiramerur) from the very begining of his ministry and has poured his heart for the taluk. We all are strengthened by his faith and his spiritual walk with Christ. We have identified couple of venue’s where we could conduct the crusade but waiting for clearence and permission from the land owners. Please pray that God would open up doors and we would find favour in the eyes of the authorities. We are meeting again on the 12th for prayer and to secure the venue for the 25th, 26th & 27th of july.

Please remember us in your prayers coz we need them and continue to keep in touch with us.

I leave you with some pictures of the pastors and the venue’s we have selected. The empty fields you see will be transformed, where thousands of people will join in celebration to worship the Living God. Wow….. Wanna a be a part of this history making event come join us this july……. Blessing…….

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    0.6% christians in the area, where the district has 2-3% in a state that has about 5%.

    Wow. This year is not going to be like other years, is it?

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