Aftermath of July 2007 Pastors Conference and Crusade

The God we serve will make a way where there seems to be no way - is what we can kept saying again and again. “Do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for i am your God. I will strengthen you and help you: I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” Isa 41:10. God spoke to us individually and as a team through this verse as we started to pray and work towards the confernce and the crusade.The task ahead of us was huge, tremendous and yes there were times when we had to cross big hurdles,financial difficulties but the promise given was our strength,our guidence,our stronghold and our assurance that our Living God is in controll at all times. The more we meditated, and confessed the given promise,our faith grew; we hoped for bigger things and planned big.We did what we needed to do and Knew that God will do the rest, and believe me He did.

I am sure you guys would have read the blogs, see the video on how God’s awesome and glorious power moved, transformed and set the captives free. There was liberation and celebration.

Almost a month has passed and the waves of revival are sweeping across Madhuranthagam (kanchipuram dist). Churches have been set on fire, darkness has been put to end through the Glorious Light of God that ignited into passion for souls. The conference {even thou it was conducted for only one day} has equipped pastors and leaders to step out in boldness not letting fear cripple them but to embrace the power of God and live victorous lives. Seeing Andrew preach from within the cage has brougth reality not only in their ministry but also in their family,as plenty of pastors are calling us and are testifying that the conference has helped them face they theirs fears, instead of hidding from them or ignorning them but to set higher goals in breaking chains of traditions and living a lifestyle of worship; and experiencing God use them beyond their boundaries.. {some even went to the extend of saying when they saw andrew preaching from inside the cage they saw themselves preaching from inside the cage of fear}.

The crusade has bonded the pastors and the believers as a single force together in unity to shake the shackles of the enemies strategies. God held the rain for all three days in madhurnthangam as it was a raining all around madhuranthagam. This a great testimony as even today the whole town talks about how the christians stopped the rain for three days for their meetings. The word of God came in power and in truth as hearts were set free from the hold of darkness, demons fleeing during the time of worship, people were getting healed and delivered as the Spirit of God moved in a mighty way during the alter call. The seeds of Gospel sown are being harvested and are discipled to grow strong in the Kingdom of God. {There were about 400 decision cards [400 hearts & lives for christ]} - now that is a testimony and is a small picture of what God is doing in India through CGI Ministries. We still get huge amount of phone calls from pastors and church leaders about the developements and changes in spiritual climate after the crusades. Churches are on fire and people are getting deeper into God, doing radical stuff in spreading the revival fire in and around madhuranthagam. In recent days churches and pastors are coming together mobilizing an army of poeple named JOSHUA ARMY to walk around towns, taluks and cities in prayer and conduct worship services and concerts shinning Light of God and extending the Kingdom of God.

In conclusion we give God all the Glory, honour and praise for His marevellous and immense move at madhuranthagam and at the conference. We thank the pastors fellowship who supported us and stuck with us and every body who gave financially and prayed, It has indeed impacted many lives, but it is not over as yet more lives are in need of another touch. We leave it to God in prayer, grateful for what he has done.

Join us in seeking and praying for a Christ-centered Kanchipuram dist.

love you.

3 Comments to “Aftermath of July 2007 Pastors Conference and Crusade”

  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    Tremendous post Josh.

    We are praying here for continued strength in faith and unity among the leaders, even while you and I are still working out the financial wrap up.

    I appreciate your leadership and personally, your friendship.


  2. Zeb Cameron Says:

    Hey Josh, Nice writing and a great account of what God has done! I work with Andrew and he has told me about you. I often feel trapped in a cage of many kinds. I wish I had been able to go but God willing I will next year! If so I look foreward to meeting you. Take care, his power…. Zeb

  3. pastor p. emmanuel Says:

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