Spiritual Flatlands

Coming home to the US and seeing the way the “connected crowd” talks about religion is interesting. Right now I am at the consummate bloggers conference where I am learning great things and trying out new tools that I otherwise would leave off my radar. The openness of the communication here is really great as bloggers have achieved an unusual amount of backbone to speak about many issues that otherwise are only covered behind the scenes.

Gnomedex had a virtual guest this year that spoke via video chat for about an hour. A very open and likable guy, he was sharing with us from his bed at home because cancer keeps him from traveling. Sympathy flowed. Honest questions were asked and candidly answered. I was impressed and moved.

To me however, the spiritual dryness of this exchange was palpable. No spiritual elements were discussed, even though the session was presented as a true look at what a near death perspective is all about. Is it because the room was full of very smart people and people of faith would be challenged if they offered a perspective? perhaps. I think it is more than that combination of intimidation and religious sensitivity. I think spiritual conversation has become the only remaining realm where openness is not welcome. We have moved from it being taboo, to a place where our spiritual vocabulary is crippled.

As glad as I am to be home, I miss the spiritual conversation so rich in our daily lives in India. People with faith for healing, deliverance and restoration. People desperate for God.

I see a new world here in the States where we are opening up to a new level in our quest for understanding. God, help me learn how to engage this new generation of immediacy in a conversation that is spiritually based. Grant me courage in this brave new world

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