The God Circle and TWR

It is amazing how things come together.

I have been seeking God’s will regarding our direction with the ministry and how it ties into our work with CelleCast, all the while struggling over our financial challenges. That is me in a nutshell lately and it has brought Kathy and I into a new place of prayer and fasting now that we are back in the US groove of things.

The last two days however I have seen an interesting convergence which could lead to a great breakthrough and answer to prayer. TransWorld Radio has intersected my world twice in less than 30 days. It is at their Asian retreat center where we hold our annual pastors conference, and it was my delight to meet Tom Tatlow (TWR’s international media director) over the phone the last couple days to discuss how we can bring hundreds of new christian programs to new language specific audiences via CelleCast.

I believe these two meeting points are connected, and that if I hadn’t gone to India and risked to the extent I did, that this door might have been missed. However God wants to run the business is His deal, and for now, it looks like TWR might be a dream early partner in our purpose driven business, designed by God to advance the Kingdom.

I say all this as a testimony as well as in hope that it ministers to you. If you have committed your life, business, or career to God, then there will be times when certain doors stay closed until the door God has in mind opens up. Stay faithful and let circumstances come full circle until the right contacts and opportunities arise.
I call that the God Circle.

Oh… for you who read this only by email, you really need to read Josh’s post on the blog now and get excited about the report. Over 400 people saved in a land so covered in darkness. Sweet.


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  1. Zeb Cameron Says:

    Yes indeed Full circle and the “right” ones…. Take care. Ya just gotta love the eye of the storm! Sure hard to stay there….

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