emotionally you ask yourself.. is it worth it?

I know those on the team who went with me will relate to what I am saying. The first 4-5 days when you get back and are trying to readjust can hit you like a ton of bricks. You were able to account for the 20 days absence from home in your schedule well enough, but being disoriented and maybe even a bit grouchy can come unexpectedly. I don’t know how the rest are taking it, but I am willing to confess my enthusiasm for the trip hits a low right around this time in the rebound.

I have learned over the years to not make any major decisions or draw conclusions when I am exhausted like this. Although it is ok to embrace the emotional drama of the moment, I have to be careful not to let it define my attitude about the value of the ministry. Your mind WILL play tricks on you. Mine has. My mind is still under strain as well, as there is still a lot of unfinished business. A lot of burden that I wish was behind me remains. Why no one posts blog replies is breaking my heart as well.. Oh well, at least you are not all unsubscribing. :-)

When the head cloud lifts, we will re-evaluate how to fund future trips, and consider our plans to expand into a greater support role for churches in Kanchipuram. We want to see new churches planted into villages and leaders strengthened. I will pray about how to get CGI into the consciousness of more churches here in the States. A financial partner here who is skilled at raising funds is essential as well.

Anyway, yes, it was worth it team. I am hearing more great reports from Joel and Joshua already and they will be posted here soon. When we stand in the gap for people trapped in darkness and help develop leaders in the Kingdom of God, it is powerful work that does not return void. God’s Word is established, people are delivered from fear and darkness, and many, many people are now alive to God’s love and mercy through the sacrifice of Christ. Keep praying and let the call of God find room in your heart.

His love is amazing.

3 Comments to “emotionally you ask yourself.. is it worth it?”

  1. David Says:

    I greatly admire your passion for reaching those that are lost in India.

    My prayer is that your passion will maintain if not increase (and that you will gain some rest after having returned).

    In Him,

  2. bencornell Says:

    your ministry is very much worth it. you have been an inspiration to me and to the people whom you have been called to minister. I have enjoyed reading about your adventures in ministry.
    ben & amber

  3. Katie Thompson Says:

    Hey ANdrew!!!
    HAHA i was wondering if i was a blubbering idiot for nothing. my best friends mother who has done missions explained to me its normal to come home and feel the way i did, it took til about friday for it to hit me though. then it was pretty bad, i was dealing with that and other emtional baggage i left at home! and i cant wait to hear the amazing things i did, also do you still need funds for this trip we just took, cuz i might know a person or two who would love to still help you out if possible.
    Love you,

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