Facing the pain

Hi all.

We are just about to leave for the conference and this is the last time we will be online until we return.

I experienced a horrendous amount of chest pain last night.. not my heart, but it turns out my muscles got bound up tightly after the flights and uncomfortable bed. I have not slept well either, so it all built up.

This really brought us to a place of prayer as a team, and I am feeling much better now, but will have to study on the way as last night was lost while I was crying out in agony. I know that soulnds dramatic, but it is really true. I could not breathe without feeling like a knife was going into my lung. Our striving here is nothing compared to what you see in the book of Acts. We are just honored to be on the front lines, and to have the honor to minister to many amazing pastors who labor daily in India.

Eph 6:10-18

Please join with us and help us win this battle to help refresh the spiritual leadership of Kanchipuram. Our next post will include more video and testimonies of what happened.


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