Second Pastors Conference Starts

We made it here with the team to the TWR conference center on the coast of the district of Kanchipuram.

It was great to see all these pastors again, and I was encouraged that they found value in the last conference enough to come back again. Pastor Joel and others tell me all the time how the buzz of last years’ “Tipping Point Conference” has made this years registration efforts a breeze.

I planned something special for the messages.. a bit provacative. We will send video of it on Thursday.

Because of financial shortfalls, we had to cut the registrations off at 500, and are turning 700 pastors away this year, as well as turning a 2 day conference down to one. This will reduce costs, but we still need to raise even that and could still use your help. I am clinging to God’s promise to me on this matter, and am simply determined to keep you posted on the needs. Please look into what we are doing here in terms of leadership development and the promotion of spiritual unity among pastors. The team saw the impact first hand and have their own stories to tell about what is happening here as well.

Please check out the site, pray, and put up your own comments on the posts.

Thanks for all your help in every facet you are able to contribute,


“Reflect, O disciple of Jesus! on what has been presented to thy view. The cause of Christ is thy own cause. Without deep criminality thou canst not be indifferent to its success. Rejoice that so delightful a field of missions has been discovered and exhibited. Rouse thyself from the slumbers of spiritual languor. Exert thyself to the utmost of thy power; and let conscience be able to testify, without a doubt, even at the tribunal of Jesus Christ, If missionaries are not speedily sent to preach she glorious Gospel in Bengal, it shall not be owing to me.”

An Edinburgh newspaper reporter account of India after visiting with William Carey in 1797

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  1. Christ Gate International » Blog Archive » Surprising Boost in Conference Registrations Says:

    [...] We figured we would only have 350-400 in attendance this year, since last year we had to reduce our conference from two days down to one. So to be safe, we budgeted for 500 people and figured we could be content to slowly rebuild attendance over a couple of years. Turning people away last year was a sad event that had some pastors critical about returning. [...]

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