Crusade Day 2… End of Yourself

great news!

Day 2 has really been a great deal of fun and heavy lifting as we started off the day with an orphanage visit, a journey on a fishing boat, and then a great service.

There was a sense that people would be set free during worship, and it certainly happened! This village area really has tons of spiritual bondage to overcome. I kept my message simple in that all must come to the end of themselves before they can really turn and find Christ as their savior. The night before, a woman told me that if Jesus does something for her, then she will likely follow Him. She didn’t see that Jesus brought her to the place of surrender by letting her run dry of her own way. It is when you realize your own strength falls flat that you can come to Christ.
Read Luke 15:11-31.

Then I closed with Matt 6:24 that says we cannot serve two masters. I gave an altar call that reall made it clear that false gods have to go if you are to come to Christ. We had 30+ people come to the altar!!! It was awesome. Although we have had more come in the past, the call made it perfectly clear that this was no small decision. i really applaud the courage of these people, as 3000+ saw them come forward and renounce their religion of heritage to come to the living God!

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