Glorious Chaos

The first night of the crusade was really a wonder to behold.

At first it looked like there was only going to be about 300 people as we were already 45 minutes past the 6pm posted start time.

By 7:15 there were over a thousand, and by 8 there were 2500!!!

We had a power failure from our big generator at 7:30, but Josh just kept singing anyway in dim lights with no PA, the growing crowd just kept singing and clapping in time to us on the platform! That is when God’s presence really visited. The hunger of the people wouldn’t let them be deterred by a mere loss of audible singing and musicians! We all just kept worshiping and I knew right then we were in for a good time.

I felt a bit awkward in preaching as I felt God wanted me to change the message at the last minute, and include David’s story of Ziklag as an opener to a message on hope despite tragedy. Then I was floating at times during the message literally not knowing what I was going to say next! I only had a half hour about though, then I went right into a time of healing by calling out women suffering from arthritis. About 200 people rushed the platform and I had a great and faithful wall of pastors and team members there to meet them and pray for individuals while I tried to keep order. People were really hungry for God. Desperate for change.

So I closed the service and prayed for people, seeing demons cast out and healings take place. That was another 45 minutes.
The pastors all said the message was really on target and were glad that I confronted the evils of the caste system from Eph 2;11-14.

Tomorrow the message will be about coming to the end of your self. We’ll call people forward for salvation. We are praying this will lead us to being able to baptize people right on the beach on Sunday. :-)

Glorious chaos

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  1. ben jesudasson Says:


    I’m reading your testimonies and excited about how God’s using you. I’m praying for you.

    Love & prayers,


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