Feet on the Ground in DC Jericho March - Heart in the Air

In my earlier post, I laid out the path that got me to DC last weekend, including the process in my heart that had to be shaken out of a funky place for God to even open the door.

Today I want to report on the event itself. I took a few periscopes (Twitter videos) during the day that best capture the happenings, so I’ll just post that first and wrap with a few takeaways on how this all amounts to what we call a GOOD START! :-)

The morning of the rally… heart prep… Calling out the Walls
(This is a bit rambly, so if you only watch 1-2 videos, start from “Praying for the Capital” of the links below and go backwards through NTD.)
I was in pre-coffee mode and processing a few things about the spirit of the town and how the Kingdom of God must take precedence in our goals and language.

Arriving at SCOTUS where NTD interviewed me to much surprise!
My camera: https://twitter.com/drewdeal/status/1337764410157219847?s=20
Their published post: https://www.ntd.com/election-fraud-protestor-today-marks-a-rising-tide_539195.html.
(skip the singing part unless you are very generous to a non-professional worship guy)

Praying for the Capital
This really was the peak of the experience for me. So much revelation was going on as I circled the capital at the end of the day. This is ultimately where I hope to join hearts with other like-minded believers to bring about real change in tearing down the principalities that are driving the election divide and so many other divides in our culture.

Cutting to the chase before this gets long… My “Heart in the Air” part of the headline is all about how, despite a big showing from many awesome Christ followers on the 12th, the energy of Jericho March was still largely overshadowed by the overall StopTheSteal anger and outrage show. This leads me to believe that what is needed is for a rapid awakening in the church.. this is impossible with man, but possible with God. Our hearts need to desire and repent according to 2 Chron 7:14 FIRST. God will be faithful to do the rest.
We BELIEVERS need to KEEP coming to rallies and, (even if we have already made peace with PE Biden) recognize the dynamic of God’s kingdom advancing as people are being assembled to stand for truth. God will open your heart to see and you will be challenged to exercise your faith to help shepherd lots of angry folks into a kingdom perspective.

More Notes:

There were a few events between all the above, which you can see online on NTD’s YouTube Channel. They covered it for 4 hours!!

Lance Wallnau was the only speaker that picked up on this theme of anger and its limited efficacy for the church. Of course I resonated with that. :-)

Alex Jones was doing his thing… angering potential allies while at the same time speaking powerfully to rally people to fight a spiritual battle. I found myself agreeing with his words, but not with his anger fomenting spirit. He has a place in all this, but he also detracts from people coming to lift up King Jesus. God can and does use disrupters in our midst…. For instance.. Trump.

Many speakers were awesome. I recommend you watch:
- Michael Flynn
- Shiva Ayadurai
- Lauren Boebert
- Michelle Bachmann
- others I can’t remember

Overall the idea of a political rally becoming a rally to God is a difficult adjustment for organizers and crowds to adapt to. I can see it happening, and it SHOULD happen. Call me an idealist if you like (I am one), but also know that GOD HAS DONE THIS BEFORE!

I did a few other videos as well as the three linked above on Twitter. You can find them on my feed.

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