Why Jericho Marches are the Right Boost to StopTheSteal Fervor

I had the enormous honor of attending the the Jericho March on Washington DC on Saturday the 12th of December. I had been praying for the success of it the Wednesday day before with our band of prayer brothers, assuming I couldn’t go. But then Friday morning I started to ponder the ‘what if’ of going at the last minute and I felt the Holy Spirit’s encouragement to check into it! The fares were $500+ which was over my $300 limit, so I simply asked for a sponsor and a brother came forward with miles I could use and my heart soared! This is at 2:30pm for a 6:55 flight. Plenty of time to say YES, so I went and arrived in my room around midnight. There were a few more hand-of-God elements to getting to just the right place at the right time, but let’s move past the arrival logistics.

The backdrop for all this for me is a testimony for finding peace about how this election travesty is going to get remedied. Like many, I was getting caught up in the daily drama of the news narrative cycles, big tech censorship outrage and daily fraud exposures coming to the surface that all seemed like they would be game-changers. I was losing sleep and frankly having a hard time praying with a clear mind, which was a very foreign feeling for me. I have seen principalities fall and know how to pray for revival. This is a time of intense spiritual intimidation warfare for our minds and hearts. My hope was deferred, making the heart sick. My anger was eclipsing my ability to listen to God, which was a big wake up call for me to repent, getting very intentional about prayer for our nation.

So around Thanksgiving I started to host a daily zoom prayer meeting. This helped to bring some structure and formalize my intention to pray through my malaise by having to articulate out loud my cries to God. I centered around the Lord’s prayer structure, 2 Chron 7:14, and every day, a new theme of prayer and scripture emerged by the Holy Spirit. God is FAITHFUL! After a few days, I started to see that by Gods grace I had re-established the Rom 8 pattern of “walking after the Spirit”, which nullifies the desires of the flesh. Also, having others join with you activates the power of agreement that brings the presence of Jesus. We should never forget our need to run toward “where two are three are gathered in My name” promise whenever we can!

So through this and into December, I started to realize that my anger completely cooled down, by my spirit, my heart and my resolution for justice over this fishy election has become RED HOT. It became about the Kingdom, which is God’s bigger plan through all this, and a desire to speak out. When it came to December 5th, we had a StopTheSteal rally at the Dallas City Hall, and my heart was exploding with a word for the crowd there, but there was no room on the speakers list. The message in my heart was really for those newly agitated to activism, not the party faithful, and I believe about half the people there were new to political rallies. So the message went something like this…

“It is ok that anger is what got you here, but realize this people… Anger will not keep you in the fight. You are in the process of coming into a battle that is only partly political. It is a battle that is more than cultural. More than generational. It is a battle that is spiritual, and to overcome and prevail is going to require not an angry spirit, but a resolved spirit. Not a vengeful spirit, but a Holy Spirit fired spirit. Not a political spirit, but a repentant and intercessory spirit.”

So with this backdrop and set up, I’ll cover the amazing happenings at the DC Jericho March in the next post.

My hope in this post is simply to plant in your heart the WHY on how prayer movements are the real answer for this time, and that Stop the Steal is simply an inflection point to bring it about.

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