The Dream I had Last Night. Fingerstalk

I just woke up from a dream that I simply must write down.

I was living short term in a small foreign suburb, much like where we used to live in India, but the area hd progressed, the buildings were clean and there was very little dust. I was frequenting a certain house that had one common living area and a garage, but with two bedrooms with separate locks and doorbells accommodating two separate tenants. I had a prior interest in this place, but the tenants had moved out and only the garage still had a few items in it, that I was free to search through for something valuable.

I dont recall any of the items, but as I was going through things, some soil got under my fingernails. It was particularly irritating under my right middle fingernail, as I could not get it out, so I just left it there and continued with my visit, feeling very familiar to those around me, like I was at a second home. I remember feeling very free in my comings and goings into this house, with friendship and goodwill growing around me in the community. There was a hairstylist next to the house that we trusted, but a fancier one around the corner, where I had kept in my mind that I would refer any new highly affluent friends.

After about 3 days, my middle finger started to feel pain and my nail became perforated. I noticed a small green leaf sprout under my nail, and started to pull it out. As I pulled, it stretched out 3 inches from under the nail before breaking off at the root. I pulled on the next little piece of foiliage that I saw under my nail, wanting to get this irritating foreign object out. It also came out 3-4 inches, and I realized there were seeds growing under my nail and some were breaking through the nail itself. I stated to show others and kept pulling at the leaves and larger lengths of stems and roots were coming out. None of them EVER broke off early, but came out whole, from leaf to root. My motivation was mixed between getting these all out and also sharing the intrigue with friends on what a freakshow this was. I found myself walking next to an old ministry friend from India, who in real life has recently turned against me, — he was the only identifiable person in the dream — and this time I pulled out a single green large tubular stem, weighing about 3 ounces. He was impressed, but trying to keep his amazement under control. I said to him, “This is a trip. Hold it in your hand. It feels heavy. How could something like this come out of my finger?”. After this, a distinguished, highly prominent older gentleman came to visit us. He needed his hair cut, and I went to take him to the fancy hairstylist around the corner. As we walked, one last sprout came from my finger and I pulled out what now seemed like a common 5 inch small plant. This was I think the 7th and final time. He saw it and we paused. He smiled and simply told me, “Take me instead to the place where you get your hair cut”.

Upon returning to the house, I saw the front door open and new furniture in the main room for the first time. I knocked on the inside bedroom doors, but no one answered until after I had already returned back to the street to inquire as to who had moved in. It turned out it was a new friend I met who had helped me with items in the garage — who was with me when the seeds got under my nails. I only know I was glad to see him restoring the house, trusting that it was the right time to once again see the house be a flourishing place.


After I woke up from the dream about 30 minutes ago, one clear interpretation did emerge. Other parts remain as dream fragments, but clear enough to write down, and I trust will be understood in time, or by you, the reader.

The seeds that got under my nails are the unseen results of years of prior ministry in India. They only seemed as soil until they sprouted. It was merely a lingering irritant until its true nature was revealed. The sprouts themselves are obviously fruit emerging from a new generation of people, and all were blessed. The middle fingernail is significant, in that our middle finger represents the ministry of the evangelist. Perhaps I should put more emphasis there going forward vs. pursuing other gifts evident in our pastors conferences. The overall vibe of the visit in the village was a peaceful sense of returning home. I was at peace with the process of all that God has done and will continue to do as new people take the lead and we remain connected. I woke up feeling that the dream taught me that there will always be a home and a flourishing community for us in India.

Your thoughts are sought, and are welcome.

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  1. Steve Rosier Says:


    It is my prayer that the efforts you have put into India will bear much fruit and that God will give you many more opportunities to be a blessing there.

  2. Janis Sizemore Says:

    I thought it was interesting that after seeing your “fruit” the older distinguished man wanted to go to the less distinguished barbershop! He recognized that the outward appearance was not the final determination of what God was doing…make sense? And your friend who is no longer your friend may have been aspiring to higher things, and wasn’t impressed with the fruit that was obviously from God (which is kind of scary).

    I won’t say “thus sayeth the Lord”, just my take on it…

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