Pentecost in India! Pray for Revival

Living in India, it was always a wonder and a treat to celebrate Pentecost Sunday as a key Christian Holiday each year. Making this day special was something I have never really experienced here in the US apart from seeing it highlighted on a Foursquare calendar here and there.

This year, having been back in the US for a while now, I would have missed it, except for seeing an invitation on Facebook to join in prayer for India this Sunday.

I’ll be there at Grace tomorrow and would be happy to pray together with anyone between services at 10:45ish. Otherwise, let’s all set some time aside tomorrow in Prayer for India and all day in celebration of God’s infilling power in our lives by The Holy Spirit of God!

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    Trajedy on the runway.. Please read the comments of those closest to the passengers, and pray for them.

    Also, for those wondering if the crash was near where we live and minister, thankfully no. It was on the opposite coast from us here in the Chennai area… In the state of Karnataka.

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