Greetings my dear friends, i want to start by thanking God for his Mercy, Grace, favor and provision for this meeting and want to thank you all for praying for IMPACT - 2008 it was awesome. WE CREATED HISTORY.

It was one powerful day. We had a record turn out of 1100 young people, from about 60 churches. The whole auditorium was filled with shouts of praise, dancing and celebration. We had an awesome time of worship, the Spirit if God moved in a mighty way, young people were speaking in tongue’s and seeing visions many were experienced speaking in tongue’s for the first time and many were healed and delivered during the time of worship.

The bible says His word will not return void, so did it happen on that day. God used and spoke through Pastor Martin very practically of coming out of slavery and being useful for God from the book of Philemon. The word of God came in Power and Might penetrating every soul and heart and about 140 of them rededicated their lives to Christ Jesus, many were set free from addictions and sinful obsessions. That’s the reward for all our prayers and efforts - Hearts and lives being changed and God’s Name being Glorified.

We had a great feast and it was time for some fun…. We had five competitions eating, singing, preaching,dancing and quiz. All the churches came prepared for them. There was an uproar of noise as guys and girls started to support and cheer for the churches. It was hard for the judges to pick the best as all of them were doing great. Many hidden talents were surfacing and all of them stayed till the end and received their prizes and gifts. The First overall championship trophy went to Praise Garden Church (Pallikarani) and the Second went to TELC Christ King Church (Kalpakkam).

I receive phone calls from pastors and youth leaders of how their young people’s lives have changed intensely and how they being such a blessing to the church and community. Many pastor called and said the competitions opened their eyes to see that they have such talented and gifted youths in their church. Overall through the meeting Jesus Christ Rocked the district of kanchipuram and set hearts on fire for Him. None of them went empty that day they left as Impactor’s, Warriors and Planet shakers ready to spread the revival fire to their church, community and district.

I believe young people are the future for the nation of India what more if these young people are all Jesus Orientated ready to make an IMPACT where ever they go like their Master Jesus Christ.

Praise Jesus Hey………

I once again thank God and thank everyone who prayed and supported in every way for this meeting. May God Bless You and May His Countenance Shine Upon You.

I leave you with some memorable pictures of Impact - 2008

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  1. Summer Says:

    That’s great Joshua! How exciting. Thank you for sharing what God is up to over there.

  2. Indi-Andy Says:

    Tremendous Joshua!

    I have been awaiting this report for a while, and although we have discussed it before, it is great to see it in writing. I look forward to the December pastors meeting we’ll do next month. Maybe some readers can help reduce the costs we are incurring here. I hate to keep all this blessing of giving to ourselves!

  3. arunprasath Says:

    hello pastor

    thanks for inviting this impact 2008
    i and my church youth has attended this meeting and got blessed


  4. arunprasath Says:

    Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ

    thanks pastor updating the photos with TELC christ king church youths

    sure we will be participating other youth meetings conducted by you

    thank you take care

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