We decided to re-launch the Vigil for Civility website for 2008

This Vigil For Civility website promotes the simple idea that by standing together in prayer, we all win. Our peace is reinforced (we all need help reducing incidences of election freakout syndrome that seems to be sweeping the country). Our voice is heard. Our insistence on civility in politics is sent as a petition to both God and man.

Friends of CGI… we can really use your support with this. Just go to the website and fill out a simple form declaring your particular passion and personal Act of Vigilance (AOV). This is an instant community created to respond to a very urgent need in this election.

It is totally non-partisan… for a reason. People need something to cool down partisan hackery, and this is something where we should all agree, even as we, through other means are means are supporting one candidate. No conflict here.


(domestic-Andy for this cause right now)

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