Last Leg

Ok, so this is it! We are already in one night of the three night crusade. The crusdade is held in a cow pasture that has been converted into a “crusade” type of atmosphere. Around 3,000 showed up (men, woman, and children). The theme for the weekend is “shining the light of Jesus in the darkness.” And Andrew started off with all the darkness that is around us, especially in the area we were in. It was a provacative approach to empahsizing the truth of God in the midst of darkness. The response was overwhelming and tonight the anticipation will continue to build. The plan for tonight is to have our first prayer response. If that is anything like last time, we should be in for a long prayer time. Hundreds of people came up for prayer last time. There are 8 of us, as well as the other local pastors in the area we are in–that should be enough……..I hope! Sunday morning we will break into two groups again and Andre and I will preach in the local churches. We have 3 days left before we begin the journey home. All of us are excited and ready to come back home. Things to consider for prayer: pray that the people would see the darkness they are living in and have the courage to expose it so that they would be healed; pray that God moves mightily in the churches we will minsister in; and pray for traveling mercies!

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