Darkness Exposed. First Crusade Night

I don’t want to come right out and blow my own horn, and so I won’t, but I really want to share with you a confidence about how the first night at the crusade turned out. For me, my job was to deliver a word that will bring hope to people surrounded by darkness. I usually sweat over what to say at the first night, but this year, I felt very confident in the direction the Lord gave me, and my only concern was that I would be able to maintain the courage needed to not hold back in any way. I felt a conviction to not try to preach the whole gospel front to end the first night, but to simply focus on the darkness that holds people back from Christ. John 3:18-21 is Christ’s explanation of why there is a judgement at all. He came not to judge the world, but to offer hope to all… to be the answer to our darkness. But since so many refuse to come to Him, there must be an explanation, which He offers us. People actually choose darkness over the light. Christ even says they “loved the darkness, more than the light”.

So I elaborated on this, citing 6 areas of darkness prevalent in India, from sexual abuse, verbal abuse, corruption, dishonesty, and bitteness, asking the question, “Is this the darkness you love?” Shining the light of truth on the secret places of darkness is the beginning of repentance. Once exposed, souls begin to realize their attraction to darkness is an ugly lie. The love of darkness, rather the choice of darkness is riddled with buyers remorse.

With God’s help, many experienced a deep conviction last night that we are all praying will remain as we reconvene tonight. Please pray for this, and that those who came will bring family members with them. We had 3000 last night which was great. More are expected each night.

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As a bonus.. here is a light pic of me and my homey Chris at Sparky’s Diner in Chennai from last week.
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