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Hi friends and supporters!

We spent some time getting a comprehensive interview video done with Josh that really puts the entire flow together of what has happened over the last three years. It really is a summary worth hearing, and a good way to get to know my ministry partner, Joshua.
Scroll down after seeing where we are in our itinerery so far. :-)

We also compiled a great video with a cool soundtrack from last years trip and put it on the homepage. The song playing behind it hits the spot. Pray for India!

The conference has concluded and we are hearing great things from the pastors. Many have called Joshua and have said that the fact I preached from a cage representing our fears as ministers really helped them face the deep level personal issues that hold them back. My prayer is that the demonstration will do just that, and leave a lasting impression as the leaders here will face new challenges in the Kingdom Cycle as they seek to be free from the control of fear. For the record, these people are pretty tough already, as they slay nasty dragons day in and day out, but like all of us humans, have a lot of personal fear to overcome as they walk in the Great Commission.

For more on what the Kingdom Cycle is, see my powerpoint slides.

We’ll try to post the conference videos early next week, but it would be good to know if there is any interest in that first.

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