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July 2007 Annual Mission Trip to Kanchipuram

July 12th through 30th
Three successful years of crusades have set the stage for the most important schedule of our annual trip. This year we are going to add many important breakthroughs and embark on building and developing new relationships, and this page reflects my joy as I announce that this time God has planned for two missions to be accomplished during our visit! Before I break it down, I want say that I have seen a great advancing of opportunity and the culture and the teaching here is so focussed on advancing the kingdom and challenging us to be remarkable.


The cause and effect of our first conference has encouraged us to host the second bigger and wider pastor's conference for the district of Kanchipuram, solidifying the bonds that I have been building with pastors in Chennai and the surrounding areas. This conference will provide encouragement and unity amongst the local leaders, many of whom labor alone in their churches. For more details of the first conference.    read more ..

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2006 Conferrence


2005 crusade
This is the fourth year in a row where Andrew has been called back to preach in a key Kanchipuram District and this year the meeting will feature John Bishop as the main speaker. For 2007 the crusade will be held at Maduranthakam, which is an important town having a population of around a 1 Million spread over 320 villages. The town has a Christian population of 10,000, 90 Churches and about 600 temples. The literacy rate is not as high as what we have seen at Kalpakkam last year. We will be ministering to a very diverse population. Coming out of the conference directly into the crusade should also be very key in encouraging participation from pastors with whom we have been building relationship.

Pray for multiple miracles to take place and consider making a donation earmarked for this, as many more people come when we can hire busses to go into out of the way villages to bring them. Last year we had 5000 on the final night. We brought people in from far away and God made a wonderful difference in hearts, lives and even the weather!

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2007 Trip Schedule

Thu 12th Departure from Portland
Sat 14st Arrival at Chennai
Sun 15th Team visit's Churches in Chennai
Mon 16th Rest day / Replenish immune system at Sparky's restaurant
(Authentic American eatery in the heart of Chennai)
Tue  17th Pastor's Conference Begins
Tuesday Night Opening Sessions
Wed 18th Full day Conference Sessions
Thu 19th Conference concludes
Drive back to Chennai
Fri 20th Special Meetings
Sat 21th Special Meetings
Sun 22th Special Meetings
Mon 23rd Day Off
Tues 24th to Open ministry days in various places, orphanages, concerts, churches etc.
Thu 26th
Fri 27th Crusade Begins!
Sat 28th Crusade Begins!
Sun 29th Crusade Begins!
Mon 30th Fly back to Portland

Andrews Conference Messages

This is a sampling of the message I had concerning the prison of fear that keeps us from winning the world for Christ. I believe that in order to win, we need to follow the three step process as outlined in Rev 12:11.

Here is the video highlighting how I shared the testimony of our church, Living Hope, with the pastors present at the conference

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