moving ahead despite support to date

Well friends, my partners in India will not be deterred.

Although I have explained to them that our fund rasing has fallen short by 90% at this point, they are telling me that it is too late to cancel not only the crusade ($12k), but also the pastors conference ($20k) because the cancellation letters will not reach them in time. They are also impressing me wildly by their devotion to prayer to see this through. 300 people showed up at a prayer meeting to so that we can come through for them. Some churches have rallied and been fasting for 5+ days.

Some might read this and say, “Well, next time you should make sure you have all your support secured before letting the planning progress like that”. To that I say, “fine”. That is a very easy position to hold, but behind the scenes I have been asking for support all along. The India team has been praying hard and working to keep the costs down as low as possible. Faith is not possible without risk, and I stand before you now and declare that we have not been reckless, but in truth, we have been fighting to get all things settled in a good manor. The book of Acts level of prudence and faith is being followed.

There is this spiritual warfare element to all this as well. You might not be aware of all that we are encountering. Just suffice it to say that there are forces of darkness that DO NOT want these events to take place. No one said that declaring freedom from caste and oppression to people on the edges of Indian society would be easy, or be possible without sacrifice.

I ask each reader of this newsletter to rethink their decision to date that has resulted in our shortfall and consider this: I myself resisted going to India in 1999 and 2000 because I figured it would be someone else who would step forward. Finally I yielded, I risked and I sacrificed to reach beyond my comfort zones and make a difference in this world. It has been a great thing for me and my family, yet I can’t do it alone. I need a team to support us in this.

Please look at the details of what we are spending the money on and get a sense for the good it will bring to pastors who labor daily under conditions you and I would find untenable. Consider the 5-10 thousand people who will (if we team up here) hear a message of hope at the crusade. Now, please don’t take this as guilt, but as an opportunity that will not only pass us by if we fail here, but will set back something that is virtually impossible to cancel.

For those who have come forward and sent support, I thank you wholeheartedly.


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