This post title is a bit of a joke, and not really accurate, as there are so many times we feel like God Himself is squeezing us through a trial, when all along, it is really just about Him being in charge of things. The scriptures declare in Pr 16:9 that, “The mind of man plans his way, But the LORD directs his steps”. We have certainly planned and prayed and trusted God all along, and now that we are just a few days away from departure, the bulk of the funding for the events on the trip have yet to come through.

I have felt super squeezed by this because although I have trusted God on one level to come through, I have not thought to trust God to alter the plan if He sees fit. He might just so choose to use a different funding amount to direct our steps away from big meetings, to something more intimate. He might have a different plan for us than last year. Changes from the plan I am sure are going to upset some individuals, but I have to release myself from that as well. God will provide for what he wants us to do.

All I know is that instead of pushing on all cylinders to call for last minute support, which could quickly become an effort in my own flesh, I need to step back and consider it released to Him to provide enough for the main things we are coming to do. I know God called us to go. We have planned what to do while there, but God just might have laid out some different steps for us to take.

Like all things in life, we have to deal with conflicting intentions. The most powerful ones always prevail. My intention to continue the meetings this year building from last are strong, but must give way to the primary intent to let God be God in how this ministry grows. Life is no fun when we take things upon ourselves when the traction you know only God can confirm is elusive. Our support partners have to hear God’s leading too.

Now this does not mean we are cancelling the events at this time, just that I am open to it if that is how things continue. Maybe this is all about overcoming a fear of loss, or about an unforeseen avenue of support emerging. It is never good to force a script on God, and I know through the two meetings I just had with Godly men I respect, that we have to make room for this to play out in either direction.

Please keep praying and tell me what the Holy Spirit is whispering in your ear for this trip.


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  1. Indi-Andy Says:

    Just to add a bit of clarity.. I reread Josh’s post about all the good things lined up, and the pictures hit me again.

    It is not that I think the events are any less valuable. The pictures Josh has of the prayer meetings reminds me of the love I have for the great men and women of God who labor day and night for the kingdom in India. I so want to bless each of the pastors and see new emerging leaders at the conference, as well as declare the gospel in Maduranthagam.

    What to do? Lord Jesus, your move.

  2. Chris Caudle Says:

    The balls in God’s court, as it should be. Lord Jesus, our hearts are joined to watch you move in your wonderful and mysterious ways!

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