Wedding bells create another visit

Greetings all. I guess I have to apologize for the big gap in posting, but life hasn’t allowed much time for public reflection lately.

When we planned and prayed in August about the new year, we knew that Joshua’s wedding in December would call me back to India on a special trip. Well, I made it. It took a miracle to make it, and God was faithful to make it happen.

Joshua married Dorathy on Dec 1st in a service and celebration that 1500 friends and family enjoyed. I arrived early that same day and had the honor of praying at the beginning of the ceremony. It was awesome. I also won the award for the longest distance travelled. I see God’s hand in this couple and am excited for what it means for them and for Josh’s future in ministry. Dorathy is a women of great character and I see them moving together with God’s power mightily.

After I got here, the next few days were spent trying to recover from jet lag, like I have never had before. Maybe I am getting old, or I have just been under too hectic of a schedule lately, but here it is a week later and I still can’t tell if this is real, or I am in a dream. :-)

Yesterday, we had a pastors meeting in Chengulpet, that was organized by who else but Pastor Joel… CGI’s main connector of churches. It was wonderful for me to return there, as this is really where CGI got it’s start in a sense. It was 2 and a half years ago I addressed this same group prior to my first crusade in Chengulpet.

We had communion and celebrated what God is doing in various churches in Kanchipuram district, in which Chengulpet stands in the center. Pastor Joe Durai and I spoke to about 350 pastors and leaders in the area. This was Pastor Joe’s first time out of the house since his accident in June. His brain injuries are healing and he is regaining his memories daily. I sense God will coninue to use him greatly, and new doors will open for him as well. We are just glad to see him rising out of this tragedy that kept him from speaking at our first conference, knowing that the Lord is redeeming what the enemy has tried to steal from him.

The meeting went very well by God’s incredible grace. I had felt, due to my total sleep disorientation and other distractions that I would be inefective when addressing these heroes of faith I was standing before, but God allowed me to relate my own struggles and successes to them, and our hearts bonded to make it a great time. The message proved to be effective as I shared three principles from the life of Nehemiah that relate to pastoring:

  • Calling
  • Creating
  • Contending

Well I hope all who read this enjoy the holidays. I am homesick already even though this will be the shortest trip to India I have made or proabl will ever make.



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