Aftermath of July 2006 Pastors Conference and Crusade

Almighty and Powerfull is our Lord who Lives for Ever and Ever - is what i can keep saying again and again. Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit, says the Lord Almighty was the given promise to us (india team) as we started to pray and work towards the confernce and the crusade.The task ahead of us was huge, tremendous and yes there were times when we had to cross big hurdles, but the promise given was our strength,guidence and stronghold. Our faith grew; we hoped for bigger things and planned big.We did what we needed to do and Knew that God will do the rest, and Yes oh! yes he did.

I am sure you guys would have read the blogs on how God’s awesome and glorious power moved, transformed and set the captives free. There was liberation and celebration.

Three months have passed and the waves of revival are sweeping across kalpakkam (kanchipuram dist). Churches have been set on fire and ignited into passion for souls. The conference has equipped pastors and leaders to step out in boldness and strive for the tipping point in their ministry. Plenty of pastors are calling us and are testifying about the outpour of God’s Spirit as they started to embrace change and set higher goals in breaking chains of traditions and living a lifestyle of worship; and experiencing God use them beyond their boundaries. The crusade has bonded the pastors fellowships as a single force together in unity to shake the shackles of the enemies strategies. The seeds of Gospel sown are being harvested and are discipled to grow strong in the Kingdom of God. In recent times churches are mobilizing prayer warriors who would dedicate themselves to prayer and intercede for a hour each day for their nation. The Spirit of prayer is spreading wild and putting people in the threshold of Spiritual warfare.

In conclusion we give God all the Glory, honour and praise for His marevellous and immense move at kalpakkam (Sadras) and at the conference. It has indeed impacted many lives, but it is not over as yet more lives are in need of another touch. We leave it to God in prayer, grateful for what he has done.

Join us in seeking and praying for a Christ-centered Kanchipuram dist.

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  1. Indi-Andy Says:


    Great to see this awesome report so wonderfully laid out so it summarizes the events. THere are many people here who are excited to know that our efforts are having lasting fruit.

    It seems that the need to embrace change has really hit me hard as well. So much is changing and I am way out of my comfort zone, but God is in charge of it all. I am ready for God to do big miracle in life and business and to accellerate the building of the bridge.

    Right now I am looking to see pastors and young people step forward for next years trip as CGI builds the bonds of fellowship with Kanchipuram even stronger.

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