Pastors Testimonies and more pics

We had an amazing thanksgiving service today at the beautiful MGM resort. Joshua and I felt it would be best to honor those who worked so hard by having a lunch meeting here. There were about 30 of us altogether, pastors and wives. My favorite part of the time was being able to hear the individual testimonies that were shared before all. Each had such a rich experience between the conference and crusade, I took notes on each one as Joshua translated it to me. Although heavily paraphrased, what you see here reflects the genuine response from local leaders we strive to support.

Pastor Joshua (local Sadras area pastor)
- conference encouraged him to go forward in ministry, and not shrink back
- many hindus are now coming to his church, as he arranged truckloads from his village to attend the crusade.

Pastor Matthew (local pastor who took us out on the boats and helped us with the tsunami recovery reports)
- Sound man at crusade came to him and gave his life to Jesus before the 3rd meeting
- 2 new converts in church already, and his church is really geared up for doing followup

Eva. Jeyaseelan (oversaw public announcements to over 120 villages)
- Big crowd was really a mind-blower. The largest meetings in the past were 2000 or so, but we had over 5000 people the last night. Some even think it was over 7000, but 5000+ sounds right.

Pastor Andrew (Church of South India secretary and history teacher… he can help us reach CSI churches)
- conference helped him wonderfully through a combination of teachings and personal challenges
- At crusade, Andrew lead a Catholic accountant friend of his to turn from idols, and serve Jesus alone.

Rev John (Lutheran pastor… helped oversee the stage and sound)
- Was touched because although he couldnt preach during Tsunami relief (charitables restricted it), the crusade allowed him to extend the hope of Christ to the same people they had been praying for.
- God planted a seed, and new harvests are coming!

Pastor Elisha Paul (prayer committee leader)
- Prayed behind screen and tons of people appeared first night.
- Was glad to pray for so much deliverance each night, and see God come by his power to many.

Dr. M A Paul (local doctor and worship leader.. Jesus Care Ministry)
- Day before crusade it rained hard, and forced big prayer time to stop the rain for 3 days
- Of course God came through and the rain didn’t resume until the crusade was over. “I learned great faith from that moment”.

Pastor Victor Vengatesh
- Told people who were sick and demon pssessed to come
- A big village hindu leader got saved and will stop conducting hindu festivals from now on!!!
- One had cancer
- - after crusade, the victim testified that his body is changing

Pastor Devan
- conference represented essential days of training for his ministry
- really encouraged us to have discipline and excellence.
- the conference prepared us for the crusade

Pastor Gana Prakasham
- with pastor Matt, had 100 more posters, and did them in the rain!!! “I serve a big God!” and I believed the rain would not stop the plan of God…

Pastor Aruldas Chengulpet
- sick woman got healed 2nd night, and was lively the whole way home!

Pastor Joels mom
- thanking God for Andrew, as he carries the great commission.
- The grounds didn’t seem right, but God exceeded my expectations
- my husband was sick, but during the worship time, God revived his strength

Selvi Sekaran (Pastor Joel’s wife)
- possessed people got delivered. One girl had a serpent spirit
— she got delivered, and the next two nights she was free

Pastor Jeyasingh
- May 14th I had an acccident, and for 2 months i couldn’t not work. Jaw broken.
- i was given the volunteers coordinator job, and i coupld not speak!
– i accepted the role, and did it by God’s grace, and I was healed during the crusade.

Pastor Joel
- First madurangatham pastors were expectig crusade there
- But God directed us to the beach, and His will was confirmed
- lots of people come and go for crusades, but CGI’s relationship based approach reall made a difference
– I received many letters from pastors who are really encouraged by conference.

Pastor EK Durai
- TWR next year too!!! why not 3 or 4 days?
- God bless your family.

Pastor Joshua
- committed to seeing God move in kalpakkam.
- not by might, nor power, but by my Spirit says the Lord
- Not our vision, but the great commission.. that vision
- worship experience!
- - spiritual breakthrough during the power failure.. people kept singing… nearly 1000 kept the song!

- each years crusade as surpassed the year before
- kanchipuram will stop being known as a place that exports darkness, as we walk forward in the light

Pastor Marcus
- the conference has really brought a dynamic change in my ministry attitude. In my big church background, I was a bit lazy, but Joel showed me an amazing work ethic.

HERE ARE MORE PICS… of the MGM event itself:

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