Follow up in Chennai

It turns out staying here is really bearing fruit. I always felt a bit funny having to hit and run when we do ministry together when i am here, but family and work don’t allow me too many options usually. Now that I stayed however, I have been able to solidify my bond with pastors’ Joshua, Aruldas and Joel, so we can really define the mission statement of CGIM and plan for a broader scale time of ministry next year.

We met Tuesday night for dinner and talked for 2 hours. We met again on Wed fo lunch and talked for 2 hours, and we will all be together Saturday with the 27 Sadras crusade organizing pastors to celebrate and have lunch. We call it a thanksgiving meeting. When we are there, we will all share testimonies of what took place and we’ll publish all that we can here. It is vital for everyone to know about the miracles, the breakthroughs, the salvation counts, and overall, the unprecedented things that took place.

We will also be praying for all those that filled out decision cards, and distributing them to the pastors that are present. We have been careful to make sure that we are equiping the local ministries with equal share in the privilidge in following up on them. So many hindus were touched by God, we are expecting to have a really great time together tomorrow.

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