Rain Sandwich

An interesting backdrop story to the crusade was that we really had a remarkable time with the weather.

The day before the crusade there was heavy rain all up and down the coast. From Chennai to Pondicherry. Our night in the hotel was illuminated with lightning every 10 seconds. Needless to say, everyone was praying that the rain would depart completely for 3 days so we could have a geat event. IT DID!!!

What else is interesting is that there was a word of prophecy that came to us during the final night’s pre-service prayer time that the rain would return after we were finished. So I went ahead and proclaimed to the audience that they will know God was in these meetings and that He loves them when they see it rain heavily on Monday. IT DID!

Finally… this is our 3rd crusade in a row. Each and every one of them was followed by rain.. at least a little that night, and HEAVY the next day! Last year’s meetings in Kanchipuram marked an end to a 2 year drought. It rained abundantly for 2 weeks. AND.. we never once had a drop of rain fall during our meetings or the day preceding them.

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