Visiting Joel Sekaran - Sunday

This post will be brief although originally intended to be large. I started it twice and in both cases closed the browser before posting! Doh.

Anyway, on Sunday after meeting with Solomon, I went down to Chengulpet to meet with our main coordinator, Pastor Joel Sekaran.

We had a wonderful time encouraging one another and I was especially delighted regarding the great strides made in the crusade preparations.

Three different Pastors fellowships and various denominations are coming together to make the crusade a success. Over 240 churches!. This is the first broadly supported and coordinated meeting in the city in a long time, and the first since the upheavals in the spritual climate. Pastors that had previously been unwilling to work together are doing so… Pastor Joel is annointed to bring reconciliation here!

the more time i spend here, the more I see the unprecedented nature of our opportunity!

Please pray daily and consider fasting over the weekend for the harvest here.

Your Comments to posts like these are especially helpful. I mean.. I really need to know via posts that someone is out there praying!!!
– In comment replies, insights received during prayer are especially welcome. Let the Holy spirit speak through you.

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