Arrived in India - Appt with Solomon

This arrival was almost routine, but right away, we had a wonderful encounter in arranging meetings for Sunday.

Someday I’ll stop being amazed at how easy it has become for us to arrive in India and immediately get going with appointments, plans, and daily life. It really is a second home. So we went through the mandatory two days of total lag, and here on Monday, I am at the office, working with the new CGI software team. Without getting into all that, let me just finish this post with what happened Saturday, just about 8 hours after our arrival.

I called up Pastor Solomon of the Gospel Lighthouse Foursquare Church, the only Foursquare church in the Chennai area, to see how he was doing. We had missed each other on previous occasions, but this time we worked it out so I could come the next day to his Church and preach. I totally saw this as a divine appt, as my heart is to build up the Foursquare efforts here in India, looking for ways to help Pastors like Solomon know more about Foursquare from different perspectives. Solomon has 4 small branch churches under him, each with various levels of personal connection with Solomon, and i committed to him a desire to help him and his growing network get to know the foursquare family.

The services were wonderful on Sunday, and i can see a great future of ministry for Solomon, as he is a great leader and is walking out a vision to plant churches as well as build his boys orphanage up to new levels. Let me just put in an even bigger plug for him. If you are interested in spending 1 to 6 months overseas to help our churches impact the people of South India, I can’t think of a better place to be than Solomon’s! Shawn, are you reading this?

Anyway, Solomon and I had a great lunch and spent the day together talking about needs and opportunities. He is going to the India Foursquare convention in Bangalore next week, which is where i would also be if it did not have the exact same dates as the crusade! As you read this, please pray for Solomon and the bangalore church as they all get to know each other better. The partnerships we build within our own Foursquare family are key to building the kingdom of God, and rescuing souls!

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