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As I was researching information for our upcoming kanchi crusade, I found this blog and knew i had to post a reply to it. If you dont have time to read the whole thing, please check out my post I made to it. I think it reveals the heart i have for people, and the concern I have that religious fanaticism can undermine the ever-critical message of hope that the world needs to hear.


I read through this entire blog and am amazed how all this talk about religion and religious identity has absolutely ZERO spiritual value.

If there exists any reason to maintain any particular religious identity or convert to a new one, it must only and ever be becuase a spiritual revelation takes hold in the life of the individual.

Now that we live in a global world, where people of different backgrounds and interests mix more freely then ever before, we have to come to terms with the fact that the best ideas are the ones that are going to win over the people.

India is a country that on many levels is embracing an amazing amount of change, and well balanced people understand that in order to grow, you cannot resist change but must embrace it.

Almost every party addressed in Rajeev’s moanfest above wields a great amount of power based on stirring up fear of change among their constituents. And look how we decay into playing along! Accusations fly, personal responsibility is ignored and spirituality is mentioned not!

I can speak from personal experience that the Kanchi upheaval came about from a spiritual war. The spirit of intimidation that has plagued Christian pastors in the area due to the anti-conversion law threat was countered with powerful prayer and a demonstration of new boldness by Christians in the area. Today, there is a new freedom in Chengulpattu and many are finding new hope by seeking God in their own way.

Does that cause fear in you? If anyone fears a new idea, you have two choices:
1) Argue for the superiority of your idea and back it up, OR…
2) Seek to destroy the new idea and spread fear among the uneducate whom you try to control.

#1 is spiritual and respectful of the individual, who will stand or fall as a unique creation of God.
#2 is dastardly, unspiritual, divisive, factious, oppressive, and unfortunately, all too familiar in Indian culture and politics.


I am committed to not breaking down nor speaking ill of any religion, but instead promoting a direct and wonderfully rewarding relationship with the Father God.
# posted by Andrew Deal : 7/17/2005 1:20 AM


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