Prayer Partnership AS Investment

Now that the web tool is set up for journaling our progress as we step closer to Aug 12th, I need to start these real-time notes by establishing the priority of prayer partnership. I want each and every one of you to understand that partnership with you, not contribution, is what I am seeking. What this means specifically is that in order for us to fulfill this mission, that more than a few people need to have a stake in it. And, although we need to raise a bit of money to augment what I and our matching partners have put in, invested prayer to break the bonds that have kept India suffering is the essential ingredient.

I wont go into a list of prayer requests now, as that is what the whole blog is for.. to keep partners up to date on prayer needs and opportunities. What I will say however is that the opportunity is great, our support team is honorable, and this hour for the gospel in Chengulpet and Kanchipuram is unprecedented.

There is a new freedom for Christians to share their faith without persecution, new opportunities for broken lives to be healed, and many new Christian leaders to be raised up to plant churches!

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