Aquaponic Greenhouse Dedication Party

What a wonderful time we had! 30 friends from 3 church communities… neighbors, friends and more. We feel your love and are so glad you came! Our journey into seeking responsible food independence has opened up a whole new appreciation for the way God does things compared to man. God creates ecosystems of harmony. Man isolates wealth out of ecosystems, refining its resources for mass production, creating waste.

Learning aquaponics (AP) has raised my respect for how God does life, as well as how Jesus introduced to us a whole new conception of life. “He who has the Son has the life”, but I digress… The AP connection here is that it is tending to a natural ecosystem without the need for chemical (or otherwise imported) intervention like traditional farming or hydroponics. In AP, even the water is circuited instead of soaking away into the ground. Healthy bacteria break down waste and the plants clean the water. When we need answers on how to correct an imbalance, we can look to the pre-agro-business era and look how God forms healthy ecosystems. Science should respect nature and natures God, not seek to cheat it! In fact, “the creation itself also will be set free from its slavery to corruption into the freedom of the glory of the children of God.” (Rom 8:21). If you can accept it, connecting to how God does things has become a very distant reality in the modern world of today. If we can connect again to how God works with our own hands, we can be a liberating catalyst. Anyway, again I have digressed. Please read this from your heart and ponder.

To the practicals… I worked hard last week to pull the plumbing together in time for the dedication. The liner is in place, the water has circulated fully, and I found just one leak in the fish tank that I need to work on. Wonderfully, I have siphoning working for me all around, so the water was easy to put back into the raft tank. Now I just need a silicon bead to place on my acrylic sheet again for a re-seating.

Once we get the healthy bacteria levels up to where we want them to be, we an gradually add fish to feed them ammonia and plants to feed and thrive off of the nitrites. We estimate two weeks to dial in onto a healthy start. I will add another video soon that walks through all the post-construction water feature set up.

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