New site updates complete

For 2013, the site is finally back in good looking shape for a new season. All the references to upcoming events are gone until we resume having events. Writing, fellowship and small group meetings are the other things being loosely planned right now.
Most people I know still have not seen our main testimony video, so I put that on the home page. Please watch it if you never have before.

I decided not to totally rebuild the look of the site, but to modernize the layout a bit and make room for the new theme to rise to the surface. The site will continue to look Indo-US-centric even though no India trips are planned. Life is restarting for Indi-Andy here and in an amazing and unexpected direction.

I am in Dallas Texas now with some of the most amazing people at the Upper Room. God is putting together a cadre of Davids and Jonathans — friends who will defend the honor and glory of the Lord over their own lives, and I am so glad to be a part of it with them. Last year was a year of transcendence. This year is a year of redemption, and I am seeing it all take place with uproarious thanksgiving.

In preparation for my next post, feel free to read Romans 8 and comment, but not with your focus on the familiar “all things work together” theme, but instead with your spirit on the glory and suffering aspects that come about as we discover, share and stand on the glorious freedom we have been granted in Jesus.

Til then,


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