Keeping On for 2010

This is one of those occasional posts to remind you that we have not gone away altogether. 2009 has been a tough year for our supporting business efforts that allows us the awesome privilege of going to India in the first place.

We do have an alternate expression zone that you may not know about. It is our CelleCast which you can hear on your phone or web browser any time. Just go to: to get the direct dial number. You can also leave a talkback there as well. A prayer, a thought, a hope.

Speaking of hope, our friends over at Living Hope Church just concluded an awesome crusade in India last week. We are hearing great reports from them on the aftermath.

I am thinking that since there is not likely to be much more news from here about a new trip to India til next year, that I might blog about other issues here from time to time. After all, Christ is the Gate to all wisdom, hope and knowledge, so our theme can certainly use some widening as well.

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  1. Buster McGinty Says:

    Hey Man, I got an old bread truck and it won’t start, got any tips?
    Maybe you should say Hi to your old gearhead buddy now that you’re back in America.

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