Conference stirring change in Kanchipuram Church.. new friend Prakash

The Overcoming Church conference is our third annual and we are seeing what looks like a new beginning here.

I dont have time to report on the details, but we will be uploading the audio of the event later and will also make it available as a cellecast.

Our guest speaker yesterday was none other than M. Prakash, who in addition to being the Director for TBN in India, is also a great friend with our pastor Frank DiMazio, Bob Whager and Dick Iverson! We became friends very quickly, and we look forward to working with him again, as he is very close to Pastor Joel, which makes him a close partner to CGI. It was a delight to hear is amazing message about the dangers of Babylonian methods in the church. I marveled about how well it fit in with and advanced the conference theme.

Please visit the site to see the conference audio we’ll put up later today or tomorrow. The church can overcome, but we have to repent on a lot of fronts.

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  1. Christ Gate International » Blog Archive » 2008 Conference, 2nd night. 7 deadly sins of church building Says:

    [...] Prakash set up the conference midway with a strong word about the dangers of the Babylonian Church, or, using worldly methods to make the church succeed. On Wednesday Night, I went forward with this to directly call pastors to repent of the 7 deadly sins of church building. I don’t pretend to be an expert on church building, especially in the practical manners of administration, etc. I do however see that according God’s design for the body in Eph 3, 4, Rom 12 and elsewhere, the following practices have to end: - Being respecters of persons (James 2) - Personal kingdoms (aka Running church like a competitive business) - Among pastors, a sense of having graduated (no longer singing with the church, etc.) - Jealousy - Love of Money - Sectarianism - Thinking ourselves priests (1Tim 2:5) [...]

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