Gods Greater Kingdom

For years I have dreamed about the possibilities of ministry within the unnecesary boundaries of a single church or denomination.

Although I have read of many evangelists and leaders who worked among many groups, I have been limiting my own vision with a pair of sunglasses I didn’t even realize I had on.

Readers of this blog will have to bear with me if i am being repetitious, but it really is taking me a while to feel the freedom to take the “Bridge Vision” on the road so to speak to other churches in the area. I realized it is not that I dont have the courage to ask pastors and leaders to join in the vision, but rather that the paradigm of missions operating under the banner of one church group here in America is so strong.

One thing that will help is that i volunteered for my company to rebuild the Common Ground website. Mike Miller and I are becoming allies and co-builders.

Gods greater kingdom is more than just realizing there are more churches out there than your own… for me, it is the active pursuit of ways to really bring the stregths of ministries together to do “greater exploits” for our king!

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  1. Rev Daniel Musiya Says:

    Dear Pastor
    Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for
    the great work that you are doing in the ministry. It was a blessing
    have come a cross your website and was greatly touched. I will
    praying for you. My names are, Pastor Daniel Musiya maried
    am a pastor of( Blessed Resurrection life ministries Centre, Webuye) now
    i’am in the
    time ministry for ten years.I am praying and kindly requesting you if
    can come for a mission trip here in Africa Kenya. We will be ready to
    host you and gather our Churches together for you to teach and preach
    that you may accomplish great commission of going to the world and
    the lost and proclaiming good news, I hope it is to meet your kind
    positive consideration.Iam highly awaiting to hear from you the
    Chosen of
    May God bless you!
    Yours in Faith of the Lord Jesus
    Daniel Musiya.
    p.o box 2649-50100
    Kamaega. Kenya
    +254 711 584 446
    email mission2kenya08@gmail.com

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