Reporting and Goal Setting

This last month since the last post has been filled with recovery and reflection.. then Goal setting.

Due to the wonderful fruit from our last visit, I have felt compelled to look very seriously at the goals we are setting for the future of CGI.
I have put together a 3 year goal to have a string presence in Kanchipuram with an annual pastoral training conference, and 20+ churches networked into regular ministry in India with our help. More details available soon.

Right now I am preparing to give a report at church, and am hoping that this post will help me with the outline!
My points are going to be:
- my continuing level of amazement about what God has done so far
- The growing relationships in India
- My gratitude for our partnership in the church that made this possible
- The visit to Pastor Solomons church
- The overview of the 3 nights
– miracles
– Theme of messages
– Precedent of liberty
- The aftermath
- Our plans for next year, and ultimate goal.


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