Just one month later… wow

I woke up this morning remembering the ministry time in India as if it was a distant memory, then I realized it all happened just one month ago! Yes it has been a busy and wonderful time since Kanchipuram, but nothing compares to being in that place where God is using me to reach a city that has been in darkness for centuries. And nothing compares to the joy of forging new partnerships for the kingdom of God. I read through my testimony posts from Kanchipuram, and realized there is no one single summarized post since the event from me. All my stuff was in real time.

So I’ll make another post right now, but let me summarize out loud all the things I have done/seen in the last 30 days, while i am still in awe of the blur and life acceleration I am experiencing!
— saw Paris, London, Marseilles, Monaco, Italy and Euro Disney in last 2 weeks of August.
— came back to an altered and reorganized main client, who has tons of new work for me, and hs energized me to see a new vision of quality realized at Ads For Free Inc.
— became engrossed by the terrible news of Katrina daily upon our retun on 8/31
— had all day meeting with Common Ground leaders, and we forged new alliance to reach community for Christ!
— Had two day meeting to plan new search engine strategies at AFF
— Got inspired about the possibility of katrinareliefmap.com concept.. have been looking for partners in tiny spare time.
— had amazing 3 day time of God strategy, reflection and networking in Florida at Bob Harrisons event! (notes below)
— then this week.. wow.. first ‘normal’ (at office daily) week since July. It went by in a super blur! Today is friday.. seems like yesterday was Sunday. I guess alot got done.. new jobs, payments received, plans made, etc.
— met Common Ground again to look at redoing their site as a volunteer! Bring it on.

Then after all this, last night heard that a great friend of ours died. ;-(
She was our interim pastors’ wife, Lisa Schmidt. My main memory of her is still the first time she came to our house 20 years ago. She was a kid in the youth group and we were brand new parents. Upon entering the front door, she shared her first impression that our house was a dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. She was so sensitive to the Lordship of Christ in every situation.. from our first meeting to many many times in ministry together when we all were pioneering churches in adjacent towns. We’ll miss you Lisa!

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