Sunday … Glory Sunday!

I guess I can be accused of giving in to superlatives, as I am searching for ones now as i write that could surpass the ones I have used already… I dont think words can describe the depth of joy and gratitude I have in how the final night went. But since words (and a few more pics) is all we can use here, let it suffice!

God helped us break through!

Best update i could muster as we are now on the move in Europe is to paste this IM between my friend Mike and I:

[21:44] drewdeal: India was radical!
[21:44] drewdeal:
[21:44] drewdeal: blog entries have some pics
[21:45] likefox2107: sweetr
[21:47] drewdeal: Largest chrstian gathering in this cities known history!
[21:47] likefox2107: really
[21:47] likefox2107: wow
[21:47] drewdeal: prior to this.. 750 was the max
[21:47] drewdeal: we have about 5k on last night
[21:48] likefox2107: wow!!!
[21:48] likefox2107: crazy
[21:48] likefox2107: praise God thats awesome
[21:49] drewdeal: yeah… India is hitting critical era of change
[21:49] likefox2107: i’m watching the video
[21:49] likefox2107: :)
[21:50] drewdeal: Kanchipuram is a key city of Caste history, Brahmin tyrrany, and 3000 years of oppression.. there is heavy stronghold going down
[21:51] likefox2107: wow

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